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so you're interested in fostering?


WHAT IS A FOSTER? A foster is a volunteer who donates their time and home to care for a rescue who has not yet been adopted.


HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO FOSTER? The time commitment is up to you! Some fosters can only care for a rescue for 1 week, while some fosters commit to their rescues until they get adopted (weeks, months, or even years!) We find that most of our foster pets get adopted in less than 2 weeks!


WHAT ARE MY RESPONSIBILITIES? You are expected to care for your rescue as if it was your own pet. You agree to meet the the rescue's physical, emotional, and social needs while they are in your home. We also ask you to share your rescue via social media as much as possible to help give them exposure to potential adopters!


DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING? No! In fact, we take care of everything, you just provide the care and the home! If you have your own supplies, great, but if not, we will provide fosters with a crate, dog bed, toys, treats, food, bowls, poop bags, leash & collar (and pee pads for puppies!) You'll even get to borrow a backpack that lets others know your rescue is available for adoption while you're out on walks. In the case that medical care is needed, we'll take care of that too!


WHERE DO I NEED TO BE LOCATED? Our fosters and adopters can be based anywhere in mainland United States. We work out of the Midwest, so it's easiest for us to work with fosters & adopters in the Midwest, but we are able to transport dogs if you are located elsewhere!

SO HOW DO I SIGN UP? Email and we'll send you a foster application. After your application is reviewed, we'll schedule a virtual Meet & Greet (via FaceTime or Skype) to get to know you personally! If there's a specific rescue available that you'd like to foster, let us know, otherwise we'll keep you on file and contact you when rescues are ready to fly in! You'll be able to note if you have an age, size or gender preference, or need a cat-friendly, dog-friendly, or child-friendly dog in the application.

*While flight availability may vary, we are always looking to get rescued dogs to the US. Even if you have not seen any available dogs on our Facebook or Instagram, by emailing us your interest and availability, we can potentially save another dog's life! Consider fostering today!*

so you're interested in adopting?

WHAT IS THE ADOPTION PROCESS? Our adoptable dogs first spend a few days (or longer) in a foster home to decompress and let their personalities truly shine. Once we know about the dog's temperament, we will post them as adoptable, with as much detail in their bio as possible, on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Interested adopters can fill out an adoption application to meet the dog in person  - the foster will set up a schedule for Meet & Greets that will be emailed after your application is accepted. After the Meet & Greet, if you are still interested in adopting the dog, please express interest via email. Our adoptable dogs are NOT first come, first serve - we work to find the right fit for both the dog and the adopter. It is always noted in our posts where the dog is located - we prefer adopters near the dog's location so we can do a Meet & Greet, but in some cases, we are able to transport dogs. 

WHAT IS A MEET & GREET? A Meet & Greet allows us to get to know you as an adopter, and allows you to get to know the dog you are interested in adopting! ALL members of the household are required to be present at the Meet & Greet. If our adoptable dog is dog-friendly, we also ask that you bring your dog(s) if you currently have any! We ask that your dog stay in the car until you have had a chance to meet your potential adoptee. Some of our dogs may not have been tested yet with children (this will be listed in their bio and their Meet & Greet info) - if you have children, please do not let them approach the dog until we can access their behavior to keep everyone safe. 

WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH ADOPTION? Our dogs come fully vetted (for their age) and spay or neutered (if age appropriate.) 

WHAT IS THE ADOPTION FEE? The adoption fee will vary based on the rescue we are bringing the dog in from. Each rescue has their own adoption fee, which usually ranges between $250-450. These fees help cover the rescue's operating costs including veterinary bills, food, daily care, and their flights (which can be over $250!) 

WHAT IF IT DOESN'T WORK OUT? While we hope that the dog you adopted can live a happy, healthy life with you, if for ANY reason you need to give the dog up, it MUST be returned to us or an affiliate of the rescue it was pulled from. Please do NOT give the dog away, sell the dog, or give the dog up to a shelter without contacting us! If you aren't ready to commit to a dog's full lifetime, consider fostering!

HOW DO I APPLY TO ADOPT A DOG? Please email and we'll send you an adoption application. If there's a specific rescue available that you'd like to adopt, let us know in your email. After your application is reviewed, we'll schedule a Meet & Greet so you can meet the adoptable dog. If you are not applying for a specific dog, note if you have an age, size or gender preference, or need a cat-friendly, dog-friendly, or child-friendly dog in the application. We always have dogs looking for a home and would love to find you your perfect match!

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