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so you're interested in being a flight angel?



WHAT IS A FLIGHT ANGEL? A flight angel is a volunteer who flies with a rescued pet in-cabin (as their carry-on). The flight angel is ONLY responsible for safe transport to and from the airport destinations, and has no obligation to pay for the transport, supplies, or to foster or adopt the pet. 


IS IT EASY TO BE A FLIGHT ANGEL? YES! Here's how it works... a representative from the pet's rescue organization will reach out to confirm your flight details and ask you to call your airline to reserve a spot for the pet (the rescue will pay the fee - either at the airline counter or by reimbursing you!) When you arrive at the airport for departure, the rescue representative will meet you to drop off the pet (in a travel approved carrier) along with any required paperwork. You will be required to check in at your airlines ticket counter before heading to security. At security, you will take the pet out of the bag and will carry the pet through WITH you (the bag will go through the x-ray screening.) This is usually the only time you will have to take the pet out of the bag unless you have long layovers! Once onboard your flight, the pet carrier will go underneath the seat in front of you and usually the pet will go right to sleep as soon as the plane starts moving. Once you land, a second rescue representative will meet you at your arrival airport to take the pet. It's as easy as that!


HOW DO I SIGN UP? If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, join this Facebook group and enter your flight departure details. An admin of the group will contact you if there is a rescue who could use your help as a Flight Angel back to the states! Alternatively, we can also help connect you to a rescue partner - just email and we'll handle the rest!

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