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Our dharma

In Swahili, "moyo" means "heart." We have a heart for all people, all animals, and our earth. It is our dharma, our mission, to help others see the interconnectedness of all life through our retreats and volunteer trips, which contribute to life-changing work and funding for homeless and/or rescued animals throughout our partnership network. Be a part of our dharma, be a part of Moyo Village.

Join us on a volunteer trip

  • may 4-8, 2023 - the og: san juan/luquillo (PR)

  • may 11-15, 2023 - the luquillo retreat (PR)

  • may 18-22, 2023 - the northern coast (PR)


Our Volunteer Trips have fully planned itineraries and are perfect for the traveler who wants to make an impact. All trips include airport transfers and daily ground transportation, lodging, daily volunteering with animals, daily excursions, and a volunteer shirt. Some trips may also include meals where noted - please read each trip description for full details. Airfare and travel insurance are NOT included on any trip and must be purchased separately.

Fundraising options are available for all trips to help offset your costs!

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 our Moyo Village branded merch is eco-conscious for minimum impact on the environment

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 we partner with animal  rescues across the  island and foster &    adopt to the USA 

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