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Our dharma

In Swahili, "moyo" means "heart." At Moyo Village, an eco-friendly and sustainable property in central Puerto Rico's picturesque rural mountainside, we have a heart for all people, all animals, and our earth. It is our dharma, our mission, to help others see the interconnectedness of all life through our yoga retreats, which benefit the care of the rescue animals we help save at our animal shelter. Opening TBA..

volunteer trip to Puerto Rico

 while we wait to open, we volunteer with other animal rescues around the island, and host mindful fundraising events around the usa

Full island trip is an 8 day, 7 night stay that combines mini versions of our San Juan/Luquillo AND our Rincon based trips. Priced from $1000.


San Juan/Luquillo and Rincon based trips are 5 day, 5 night stays. Priced from $600.

Fundraising options available for all trips. All trips include all airport transfers and ground transportation, lodging, daily volunteering with local animal rescues, daily excursions and  vegan snacks. Your trip also includes a Moyo Village tank top to wear during volunteer days. Airfare, meals, and travel insurance not included.


upcoming dates

  • January 6-11, 2022 - San Juan /Luquillo *SOLD OUT*

  • January 13-18, 2022 - Rincon *SOLD OUT*

Upcoming events


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animal lovers upcycled flannel vegan sustainable
sustainable eco-friendly upcycled clothes

Most of our Moyo Village branded merch is upcycled for minimum impact on the environment

rescue dogs volunteer

 we partner with animal  rescues across the  island and foster &    adopt to the USA 

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